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blahhh [Mar. 25th, 2005|10:07 am]
[Current Mood |dorkydorky]
[Current Music |greenday and ciara]

ok yeah i know i have written in days but yeah im a busy person,with friken homework,dance,yesterday i got my hiar cut. i think it looks good but seriously my hair looks sooo different,but im glad cuz i like looking different instead of the same thing everyday. right birttany? lol jk.
american idol update-mikayla left...everyone was crying and she was all smiling saying its ok. thank god nikko is still in.
and sometime this weekend i MIGHT do my nails..like checkered kind with black and green...or black and red..hellz yah! lol
yay easter =)
no school today-good friday :)
ohk my bus ride for the first time was crazy and dangerous...the bus driver puts on jammin 94.5 like soooooooo loud it couldve made me deaf and people in the back were like thorwing paper everywhere,rapping,and swearing and all that shit..and windows were open...omg and one kid got a spit ball thorwn in his face and it went down his shirt ahha it was so funny and he goes off the bus and people can see him crying..aww poor little 7th grader! lol
then that ciara song "oh" came on and the bus driver i guess loooves thatn song and turned it up so it was blaring and the people in the back were running up and down the aisles and dancing and everything and the busdriver was trying to be cool and letting them do it. yeah crazy ride home! ahhh.
my moms friend "patty" is taking me over april vaca and making me get my ears peirced..:( im scaredddd! and she is saying that it doesnt hurt and if i dont get it done she is gonna call me a baby for the rest of my lyfe!-blackmail! ahh
im making a petition spot with melissa saying bring back 90's shows like the old old old all that,and stick stickley,and are you afraid of the dark,and kenon and kel,and goodburger and some other stuff...so yeah leave a comment if you wanna sign it too.

im leaving
buh bye


leave comments!!!!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2005|04:21 pm]
[Current Mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[Current Music |greenday]

hello people
sunday was fun! i went shopping and i got 4 more pins from hot topic and my sister got me another greenday cd and a champions shirt i think patriots and i saw katie there too. then i went home and me and stef played a game,then i took a shower,did my hair,watched tv,went ta bed,and yeah thats how it prety much went.
today was gay. eww mike veeno is at my bus stop now :( and lives like right next to me pretty much! no! :(
mr.mcardle was out and we had to do unit 7 and it was mad gay cuase when we got our tests back i got like a fourty something so yeah that sucked and math was dumb cuase we had to finish our test,history was dumb we got more notes like usual and music we were learning about 20's and 30's and 40's and some 50's rock which was queer cuz they had none of the good rock bands like black sabbath,queen,led zeppelin,and yeah that was dumb. in science we watched a movie pretty much and then got a worksheet,that was pretty boring. library research was gay,i hate that librarian. she is mean. omg i dont know why but i kind of dont want the school year to ever end,cuz then i wont see everyone anymore :( but yeah that was random. yay! this friday is good friday no school!!! :) and yeah i did all my homework in school pretty much cept study the english words so yeah thank god that means i can watch stand by me tonight again...love it! :)
but yeah thats pretty much what happened yesterday and today so yeah helloandgoodbye! lol


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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2005|10:33 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |everything]

haha today was fun!
first iw went with kayla and her mom and we picked out baloons and part shit for her dads (kaylas)birthday party tehn when i mwas home i had my party and watched stand by me,listened to music,eat,dance,and do prank phone calls..one lady threaghtened us,but it was still fun.
then at 7:00 i went to the other party and didnt come home till 10:00 talked to brittany till 10:15...omg the poarty was awesome we had like dance off contests and i won the first 3...haha it was the best and then we had icecream cake and homemade strawberry coolattas that taste better than dunkibn donutes's coolattes.
then i went home and talked to birttany for 15 minutes then she signed off and i talked to jake and ashley for like 15 minutes..now its 10:30 so yeah...and later tonight im making my mom watch stand by me..cuz its the best movie..and chris chambers is the hottest and so is teddy Duchamp ahha brittany! lol :p
then my dad came home and was all mad and tired so yeah im kind of standing out of his way..but yeah i had a really good saturday..too bad amanda didnt come over though (sisters friend)
and tommorrow my sister is taking me out for the whole day shopping and then we are all going out to eat at steleos in billerica so yeah im having one good friken weekend!!!

but im tired and im going

leave a comment if you think your nice!
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2005|03:05 pm]
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]
[Current Music |greenday]

ok im soo pissed off
to start...with casey and melisa
at lunch melissa was lyk so does you leg hurt again for gym today in an attitude and i like totally screamed and said fuck you cuase i really did hurt my leg that one time and it did burn up so shut up before i make you...and casey was lyk laughing and agreeing with melissa well they dont know what the fuck there talking about..and then we went on the computer to do some of our project and there was only 2 paragraphs on one page so i said casey dont waste paper by printing it just put it to microsoft word and get more info and paste it there so she was lyk your a retard and printed it anyway and now im stuck with at least 5 peices of frigon paper with 1 paragragh on each one...and we kept fighting so rachel was lyk well your being annoying..but im not gonna say anything cuz she was right and i was like trying not to fight with them and then when we were leaving she was like you arn't friends and melissa turned around and gave her an attitudfe and casey told them to shut up there annoying and im like ohk im gonna just not say anything cuz rachel was actually right. but yeah there being total assholes and have no idea what there talking about.

in eglish we had to take a frigon 85 question test and no one did well..and im like can i take it over again real quick cuz i got 48 wrong..and he is like nope too bad you fail and im like no you fail and walked away..and he was soo mean to tony he was like to him go eat more pizza and omg that was so frigon mean and felicia poured water all over jophn it was kinda funny but mean also....she shouldv'e got poured with water too.

gym was boring and math was boring and history and science was boring also..but yeah i got through with it and sped math was fucking stupid,we didnt do anything and i couldv'e been in study actually studying...instead of having her teach me how to add..and i already know how!!!

and the fucking bus ride home was worse cuz people were thorwing stuff up front and me and angie got in a fight which by the way i won cuz im right..and she was like danna is a lesbian and im like yah i alrewady know and i dont care cuz i dont talk to her...and angie is like wow your a sexest and im like fuck you i was never dana firned cuz she bugs me and is immature and it was so friken gay.

and tommorrow is my party and so far only one person is going...nice friends i have...dracut sucks i cant wait to live in new york thank fukcing god!!!!!!

well im gojng thats all that happened today..

leave a comment if yah feel sorry for me!
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2005|02:39 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]
[Current Music |greenday]

ok yesterday was my b-day yay im 14 lol. i got like a little bit of stuff from my parents i got 3 cards from 3 f my friends...and my other friends were all just like happy b-day and birttany screamed it to me 3 times...i feel so special! lol
ok today in sped math was soooo gay omg i wanted to tell her to shut up soo bad i fucking hate sped math and i dont friken need it!!!!!!!
and science i was absenmt for the project so i didnt make the boat but today i helped brittany with the experament and hers only held 38...damm it! lol
but ppl were like laughing though and i dont know why..... :/
spanish was madd gay...and we had to be quiet cuz the principle was "observing" the class....ughhh
english was boring but good cuz mr.mcardle wont be in for another month at least..yes!!! :)
history was so friken dumb..notes notes notes....thats all we frigon do!
math was dumb-we had a test today and tommorrow also....:(
study was boring we coudn;t talk cuz the history teacher kept coming in wathcing us and it was gay.
omg and last night my mom is lyk "your getting braces reall soon" and im lyk yeah you said that 2 months ago.... :/ physco! lol
and my friend melissa made me a "kiss me,im irish" drawing with the headband brittany wore this morning....:)
well leaving buh bye

dorks leave a comment!!!! it makes me sad if yah dont!!

<3 yah ppl
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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2005|02:59 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |greenday]

omg school sucked...
the librarian thinks brittany has a problem...i think the librarian does instead!!!!!
countdown-2 more days
mr.mcardle was out again..yes!
history..more notes..boring
math-boring and hard
science-boring and weird
no spanish till wednesday
omg birttany kept singin the wierdest thing during class.....ahhh!

buh bye..
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fun but weird conversation with brittany [Mar. 12th, 2005|10:37 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |greenday,ect]

x0xRockerChick91: hey i put new songs on my pro and took the otha ones out,go read them..i kept like 2 of them though
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ok well instead of mr bright side i think for the killers you should put All these things that i've done
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: cause i love that song so much like whoa
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: and instead of im not okay for my chemical romance you should put cemetery drive cause tahts a good song by them
x0xRockerChick91: ok i will, i love the one from the used..that song is awesome
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: i LOVE the Used
x0xRockerChick91: lol i can tell
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: how
x0xRockerChick91: LOVE
x0xRockerChick91: thats how
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: oj lol
x0xRockerChick91: do you have on demand
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ya
x0xRockerChick91: oh so did you see that music video for brain stew jaded by greenday
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ya
x0xRockerChick91: that part where they went into a new song jaded is the one in my pro but its only the song jaded
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: oo
x0xRockerChick91: ok you can read my pro..i just put those songs in
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: whoot
x0xRockerChick91: lol i love that word lol
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: i like the song bulimic by the used
x0xRockerChick91: did you want me to put that song instead of wuts there?
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: no i like the song thats there
x0xRockerChick91: oh ok
x0xRockerChick91: do you like led zeppelin?
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: kinda
x0xRockerChick91: oh i like them but my fave song is the immagrant song
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: my favorite band is totally Hellogoodbye
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: i love them like whoa
x0xRockerChick91: whoa
x0xRockerChick91: lol
x0xRockerChick91: omg im so mad im trying to download basket case by greenday but they keep saying no
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: whoa
x0xRockerChick91: i know..there so mean
x0xRockerChick91: haha i deleted soeone who wantyed the song smoke on the water by black sabbath at 99%..haha
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: lol
x0xRockerChick91: omg you wouldnt belive wut my mom just asked me..she is soo random its scary
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: wat
x0xRockerChick91: lol i was going out there to get some sherbert icecream and she is like wen you have kids..."girl" wut kind of shoes are you gonna buy them im lyk why do you weanna know and she is lyk just tell me and im lyk converse cuz there comfortable and cool and then she is lyk well wut station r u gonmna listen to and i was lky rock 101 or 104.5 unless me and brittany go shopping and my kid will be with the husband and we will listen to country 99.5 or 8 and she is lyk oh ok..
x0xRockerChick91: im like ohk..random
x0xRockerChick91: lol
x0xRockerChick91: well yeah if im driving you take care of the music
x0xRockerChick91: omg then my mom was lyk,what if your little girl likes preppy things i was lyk then she does,and my mom is lyk well you said you were..and im lyk yeah wen she is born,when she can talk then she can change her mind...my mom was like laughing
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ya my kids gonna be pretty hott
x0xRockerChick91: lol,kids?.....i guess ur having more than 1..lol
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ya
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: imma baby machine!
x0xRockerChick91: lol well pick the right husband..lol
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ill make some htot tan babies
x0xRockerChick91: lol,haha my kids can date your kids..lol
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: oh god
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: thats like imbred almost
x0xRockerChick91: lol well were just friends so..then we would be lyk friends and in laws..haha
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: aha
x0xRockerChick91: lol fun!
x0xRockerChick91: wow...were two interesting ppl
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: heck yes
x0xRockerChick91: lol omg i forgot to tell yah...i might be getting braces really soon....im gonna look weird
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe is away at 9:53:18 PM.
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe returned at 10:06:16 PM.
x0xRockerChick91: omg my mom is getting me braces soon....im gonna look ugly in them
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: i want braces
x0xRockerChick91: they hurt so bad,i heard.....and ppl are gonna make fun of me saying how ugly they look on me
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: not when u have perfecto teeth
x0xRockerChick91: well it will take a while wen i get braces for my teeth to be perfect,but the kids in my school now will,well cept you
x0xRockerChick91: i got two pins one says vote for pedro and the otha says give me your tots..lol
x0xRockerChick91: hey i need your advice..
x0xRockerChick91: for my recital for my hair should i get it dyed..or have extentions or highlights..or all three? and what colors look better?
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: i dunno ive never seen u with any colors
x0xRockerChick91: oh
x0xRockerChick91: hold on my mom is calling me
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: k
x0xRockerChick91: im back she made me pick something up that fell and of course after i picke it up something else dropped...
x0xRockerChick91 wants to directly connect.
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe is now directly connected.
x0xRockerChick91: sticky stickely
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: HOTT
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: OMG
x0xRockerChick91: haha
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: well i g2g later
x0xRockerChick91: ok ttyl bye
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe:
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: HAH
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: suspenders
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe: ok yes bye
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe signed off at 10:27:44 PM.
Ehh BeBeBeDooBe direct connection is closed.
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travis is hott [Mar. 8th, 2005|02:32 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]
[Current Music |greenday]

ok today felt like friday...
mrs.peiken is on a wheelchair,cuz she fell over the kids throwing snowballs this morning!!! and i almost got hit with it,goo thing i moved!

friken mr.mcardle was whistling off and on today and when we were in history he whistled and mr.quaterone looked like he was in frigon love with him..ewww gaynesss!!!!!

it fucking snowing again in dracut......shit!

omg and mr.mcardle during study called us dummies,im lyk look whose talking ...lol

countdown-9 more days

math sucks.....i hate square roots.

mr.mcardle called our study class dummies and gave brittany a hard time and was lyk wuts a claus...santa?...hello that clause is with an "e"...!!! he is a fag teacher!

gym was fun today cuz we got to play badmitten! best game!
but this weirdo 7th grade kid was lyk to me and casey...can i play so he did and omg he was so gross...and he smelled bad so im lyk ok im gonna go bakk to play were birrtany,corey,jenn and the otha ppl are playing....

history we watched the gayest movies,and did the dumbest worksheet....and he told us we weren't gonna get any written work...liar!!!

byesz ppl
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friends suck [Mar. 7th, 2005|06:33 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |greenday]

well now i know that i have no fucking true friends in this world. i hate them all. im so friken mad,ok its bad enough living in dracut but friends in dracut are even worse. anbgie and me got in a fight cuz she is wonrg and wants to "be right" so she isnt going to my party. erin cant go cuz "her mom" said "no". and all my toha friends "are busy" happy fucking b-day to me!

but yeah w/e

omg mr.z did an experamnet and i thought the stuff was blood i was like woa,who did he murder!?!?! lol

and mr.mcardle was in once again..damm it!

omg math sucked today,we are learning about "square roots" its makes no frigon sence!!!!!

history was all noted and listen to him...boring!!!!!

countdown-9 more days

haha i peaked at my b-day fifts...all i ot was

1) greenday cd (dookie)
2)another greenday cd (nimorod)
3)another greenday cd (insomniac)
4)movie "stand by me"

so yeah i wanted more but oh well,and my sis said she got me something related to greenday im gonna die over,so im pretty excited about that!!!

and her friend amanda said she got me another thing related to greenday!! yesss!!!!

but yeah nothing exciting

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omg brittany gave me nathans sn!!!! [Mar. 4th, 2005|11:33 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

x0xRockerChick91: hi
YouDieChambers x: hi
YouDieChambers x: =-O nice icon
YouDieChambers x: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=6912631&Mytoken=20050304113027
x0xRockerChick91: haha thanks,love yours too
YouDieChambers x: thats nathans myspace
YouDieChambers x: lol thanks
x0xRockerChick91: omg im lyk so mad at my mom
YouDieChambers x: y
x0xRockerChick91: ok well i was lyk hi and she was lyk how was school im lykk it ok and she styarted talking to me bout going to the voke and im lyk im not going im just gonna stay in dracut high so she is like why im lyk well brittany is gonna be there and i wanna go to collage in new york and my mom is lyk your not even gonna stay friends with brittany im lyk yeah and how would you know,butr yeah she is just like assumming were not friends and she just pisses me off saying that. she says it all the time.
YouDieChambers x: whoa
x0xRockerChick91: yeah. so im just confused with that.
x0xRockerChick91: so whats up?
YouDieChambers x: nm u
x0xRockerChick91: same,i see wut you mean by nathans pic,not his best one.
YouDieChambers x: lol
x0xRockerChick91: haha i told a 17 year old off yestersday also,and today he is lyk can we just be friends ur cool,i know he just coudnt make fun of me.
x0xRockerChick91: oh did you read my journal entry with my survey answers?
YouDieChambers x: ya
x0xRockerChick91: haha i thought the part were there lyk have you ever falling in love im lyk 5 times a day. my friend erin said i was scary
YouDieChambers x: lol
x0xRockerChick91: hey i have to buy the girl scout cookie on monday but knowing me i dont need them,so do you want them after i buy them on monday?
YouDieChambers x: no i dont eat those
x0xRockerChick91: oh ok,haha i will just give them to whoever takes them first,its prolly gonna be tony
YouDieChambers x: ahahaha i love tony
x0xRockerChick91: ehh he is ok cept he forgot i only let him "borrow" my pen for the quiz and he puts it in his mouth and as he gave it back i was lyk...ahh no keep it.
YouDieChambers x: AHHA
x0xRockerChick91: gym was dumb today,im glad i didnt do it,i know i wouldnt be able too anyway.
YouDieChambers x: me too!
x0xRockerChick91: oh yeah you didnt do the jumping thing.
x0xRockerChick91: i wanna go on a roadtrip tonight and shopping tommorrow. im too complicative.
YouDieChambers x: lol
YouDieChambers x is away at 9:36:05 PM.
x0xRockerChick91: omg mr.z sprayed water but it landed in my mouth and in my eye i was like woa.

Auto response from YouDieChambers x: getting my cellular charger brb

YouDieChambers x returned at 9:40:01 PM.
YouDieChambers x: ahahha
YouDieChambers x: friggen john had his foot on my chair and when he made me get up to go the pulling of that thing i couldnt get out of my chair
x0xRockerChick91: haha.....good job pulling that medal thing..haha no one knew you were so strong! lol
YouDieChambers x: lol
x0xRockerChick91: omg on nathans thing i wanted to get his sn...but he doesnt tell it on that page.
YouDieChambers x: i kno what it is
x0xRockerChick91: nuh uh
YouDieChambers x: ya huh
YouDieChambers x: Tenaciousn8
x0xRockerChick91: well i know you prolly wouldnt tell me
YouDieChambers x: well i did
x0xRockerChick91: woa he is online
x0xRockerChick91: omg i would talk to him and give him one of the piocs i have but he wouldnt belive me. lol
YouDieChambers x: lol
x0xRockerChick91: omg,you would not belive wut i just said in my mind.
YouDieChambers x: ?
YouDieChambers x: do i wanna kno
x0xRockerChick91: well,its related to a song
YouDieChambers x: ok
x0xRockerChick91: candy shop.......
YouDieChambers x: whoaa
x0xRockerChick91: yeah....it like just popped out of my mouth im lyk ok why did i say that...
x0xRockerChick91: hey did you watch "max keeble" on disney?
YouDieChambers x: no
x0xRockerChick91: i did earlier,that kid who plays him is hott,but he got ugly over the years
YouDieChambers x: lol
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